Make your own professional looking bouquets. Get your easy to follow guide today and learn how to create
these beautiful flowers. Each book contains easy to follow directions with full-color photosCrepe Paper flowers make the most natural and realistic looking bouquets and they are inexpensive to make. Great DIY for wedding decorations or floral gifts. 
 Each book contains step by step instructions for just $6.95

Flowers have magical powers. They make us feel happy and loved. They can make us smile or feel better if we are sick. We gave flowers power because they play important roles in special events of our lives, such as the throwing of the bouquet. Flowers just have a mystical way of cheering our day. 

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Professional live flowers can be extremely expensive. So why not make your own professional looking flowers for a fraction of the price. Real flowers could create health issues for your guests because of pollens. Whereas crepe paper flowers will not affect your guests' health. There are many benefits using crepe paper flowers and they are also beautiful.
The brides at the Central Florida Bridal show were amazed to discover that the flowers made from crepe paper streamers and crepe paper folds. They said the arrangements were elegant and they wanted them for their reception table centerpieces. Many of the brides thought they would make excellent gift keepsake for their wedding guest to commemorate their wedding day. 
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Join us each month to learn many unique art forms and techniques from our monthly featured artists. We promise to have fun and teach you skill to either enjoy on a personal level or market your art on a professional level.
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