Make your own professional looking bouquets. Get your easy to follow guide today and learn how to create these beautiful flowers. Each book contains easy to follow directions with full color photos. Crepe Paper flowers make the most natural and realistic looking bouquets and they are also inexpensivto make. Great for wedding decorations or floral gifts.   
Any time is a good time to send a Crepe Bouquet!  

Each book contains step by step photos, patterns and instructions for just $6.95
Flowers have magical powers. When wreceive flowers they makes us feel happy 
and can make us smile. They also make us feel better when we are sick. A beautiful bouquet tells someone they are appreciated and loved. We give flowers a lot of power by using them to celebrate events in our lives and to show our feeling for each other. Flowers can transform a room changing the energy from a calm, romantic or festive feeling. They are symbolizes of important traditions, such as throwing of the bouquet or Quinceanera. Floral arrangements are not just used for matrimonial celebration and burial rituals, they are also the trade mark gift of Mother's Day and Valentines Day. Flowers just have that mystical way of cheering someone's day. 
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There are so many good reasons to create Crepe Paper Bouquets. Professional real flowers can be extremely expensive.
DIY Crepe Bouquets can save hundreds of dollars toward wedding expenses. So why not make your own
professional looking crepe bouquets for a fraction of the cost of real bouquets. Real flowers could also cause an allergic reaction with your guests or even worse with you on your special day. Whereas, Crepe Paper Bouquets have no pollen's to cause any health problems. Nobody wants a sniffling sneezing wedding. There is something warm and peaceful about a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to liven up any room. However, real flowers are messy when the wilt and the stank of the water can be nauseating. With Crepe Bouquets you only see the beauty. The brilliant colors from real flowers do brighten up any decor but the colors fade within days. With Crepe Bouquets these the colors can be preserved and your bouquets can be kept as a keepsake.
The brides at the Central Florida Bridal show were absolutely amazed to discover that the flowers
were not real. They were even more surprised to learn that the flowers were made from crepe paper streamers and crepe paper folds. Add elegance to your wedding by creating centerpieces for your reception tables, end of the pews, the alter or the brides bouquet. This could save you hundreds and possible thousands of dollars in floral costs. They also make a great gift for your brides maids, family or friends because they will hold precious memories of your wedding day for years to come. If you think you can not make wedding decorations that will look amazing, let me show you how to make a profession looking floral bouquets. 

You can create many different looking bouquets for many different occasions. Easy to follow;

step by step instructions; also includes step by step color photo's. Anyone can create these amazing bouquets with this simple instruction and pattern book.                                

 tea cup roses

Are you looking for a new craft idea? Try Crepe Bouquet e-books. Each book has simple step by step directions 
with full color photos to help beginner or advanced artists. All you need to do is follow the photos or read each step. Great idea for a craft night and a way to have fun quality time with your children. Girls and boys both enjoy making these flowers.  
Need a little extra cash. Who doesn't. Floral designs are a great idea for a home based business. Start up is cheap and you are in control of your own hours. It is one of few businesses that could cost less than one hundred dollars for the initial start up costs. Another positive aspect is that all the supplies are easily attainable. Even the dollar tree has floral supplies. Want to save money on your floral containers, learn where great salvage items are found. Being creative is not just about art it is therapeutic. Learn how to market your floral business to be as successful as you want it to be. Whether you are working part-time or full-time it is a great way to have fun while making money and being creative at the same time. Be your own boss. Give yourself that flexible schedule you need to fit the demands of raising a family, tending to your home, and still find some time for yourself. 

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