Crepe Bouquet

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Flowers have magical powers. When we receive flowers it makes us feel happy and can make us smile. They also make us feel better when we are sick. A beautiful bouquet tells someone they are appreciated or loved. We give flowers a lot of power because we use them to celebrate events in our lives and to show our feeling to each other. Flowers can change the atmosphere in a room or symbolize such an important tradition as throwing of the bouquet. Floral arrangements are not just used for matrimonial celebration and burial rituals, they are also the trade mark gift of Mother's Day or Valentines Day. Crepe Paper Flowers have that mystical way of cheering someone's day.

I started making bouquets when I was about twelve years old. I would use different kinds of material to make flowers. Such as, dip it, writing paper, tissue paper and crepe paper. Each material made interesting looking flowers but the Crepe Paper flowers were the most realistic and beautiful of all my creations. The unique beauty of these crepe paper flowers is one of the reasons I have decided to share my techniques with you. Now, you will be able to create a gift for any occasions.  


Mothers Day
Valentines Day
Get Well
Thinking of You
Party Decorations
Any time is a good time to send a Crepe Bouquet!


There are so many good reasons to create Crepe Paper Bouquets. Real flowers can be extremely expensive. DIY Crepe Bouquets will save money on your wedding expenses or gift ideas. Real flowers could cause an allergic reaction. Whereas, Crepe Paper Bouquets have no pollen's to cause any health problems. The brilliant colors from real flowers do brighten up any decor. But that will be short lived, as with time the brilliance will fade as the flower wilts. Crepe Bouquets can maintain their color and will be keepsakes for many years. 

The brides at the Central Florida Bridal show were absolutely amazed to discover that the flowers were not real. They were even more surprised to learn that the flowers were made from crepe paper streamers and crepe paper folds. Add elegance to your reception tables, dinner and birthday parties,or just to brighten a room. They also make a great gift for your brides maids, family and friends and will hold precious memories of your wedding day for years to come. If you think you can not make wedding decorations that will look amazing, let me show you how. Your table decorations will look so amazing your guests will think a professional florist created your bouquets. 

Each book will teach you step by step how to create these beautiful arrangements in no time at all. Each pattern is written with easy instructions and full color photos, to help you create amazing bouquets.

Professional floral bouquets can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars. Like most of us, you might be counting every penny right now. You can make your own professional looking floral bouquets with a fraction of the cost.I will give you all my secret tips to create a professional looking bouquets at a fraction of the cost of real bouquets.






Are you looking for a new craft idea? Try these e-books, great arts and crafts idea for the beginner to the advanced artist. Whether you are and adult or a kid, these books will teach you how to create these amazing bouquets. All you need to do is follow the photographic illustrations or read the step by step instructions. Create your own craft night, fun for the whole family and spend quality time with your children. Girls and boys both enjoy making these flowers. Perfect craft project to do with all your girlfriends. Make it a weekly craft event. You can even display these creations in your local art galleries, at craft fairs, or at woman’s events.

              Kit includes step by step photos, patterns and instructions to create your own beautiful bouquets.
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Start your own florist business from your own home to do business local or take online orders. Have fun and make money while being your own boss! Work part-time or full-time and make great money. Great way to have a flexible schedule to fit the demanding needs of raising a family. Start your floral business with very little start-up costs. You could simply start your business by making the reception decorations for a friend’s wedding. Market yourself at bridal shows and bridal shops, as an alternative to florist arrangements. Think of the savings you will be able to offer a bride, a fiance at Valentines, everyone for Mother’s Day. Work with caterers to provide table decorations for a party or business event. You could market them as room deodorizers by adding a pleasing fragrance to the vase. Light the stems or the vases to add a romantic mood to create a stunning night centerpiece. Or just sell single roses at a festival, woman’s conference, or to someone to give to their sweetheart. Just imagine the endless ways to promote your new business.  

You can create many different looking bouquets for many different occasions. Easy to follow; step by step instructions; also includes step by step color photo's. Anyone can create these amazing bouquets with this simple instruction and pattern book. Go to Amazon Kindle to

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